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fei_logo27th July – 10.30 – The FEI published that 80 penalties in the dressage for the 2009 – World Horse Championships (Pairs) – Kecskemet (HUN) 18th August to 23rd August and also for the 2009 – World Pony Championships – St Martin Greven (GER) 14th August – 16th August, will be the minimum mark to continue on to the Marathon.

27. Juli 2009 – 10.30 – Die FEI hat veröffentlicht dass 80 Fehlerpunkte in der Dressur, bei den 2009 Weltmeisterschaften der Zweispänner in Kecskemet (HUN) 18. August bis 23. August sowie bei den Weltmeisterschaften der Ponys St Martin Greven (GER) 14. bis 16. August, als das Limit gilt um in den Marathon zu starten.


Maximum driven penality points allowed in Competition A-New
In reference to Art. 905.3.2, the maximum driven penality points allowed at the 2009 Championships in Competition A, Driven Dressage, by which the Driver concerned shall be qualified to continue into Competiton B and C, will be 80 points.

Quelle: hippoevent.at

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